Chapter Two

Other young widows know exactly what you are going through. We all deal with similar obstacles in getting on with our lives, and we uniquely understand each other’s pain. Through this connection with others, you know you are not isolated or alone. That is why has created original support initiatives known as Chapter Two.

The name Chapter Two is representative of the new life one begins after the loss of a spouse. It implies moving forward, rewriting your life one day at a time. It starts the moment you learn your spouse has died, and continues into a happier time in your life. It gets you from point A to point B. The logo C2 resembles a broken heart. We offer a support network for young widows as they put the pieces back together and become whole again.

Chapter Two currently supports the Young Widow Bulletin Board. In the future we hope to add additional programs so Chapter Two can continue to help young widows and widowers - and their families - to rebuild their futures.

Young Widow Bulletin Board (YWBB)

While each of us must find our own way on this journey, because of the Board, we need not make the journey alone. I wish none of us had to make this journey, but since we do, I am grateful that we are making it together.

Young Widow Family at

Members of the YWBB can also join the Young Widow community at This sister site offers a place to share photos, music and other file type postings.

Widowbago Weekends

Young widows often find it helpful to visit with other young widows in person. Members of the YWBB use the Widowbago Weekend Forum to arrange get-togethers for lunch, dinner or an entire weekend. These events are not sponsored by Young Widow Chapter Two.


After meeting on the YWBB, some members choose to arrange chats with each other as a means of offering and receiving additional support. Chats are not sponsored by Young Widow - Chapter Two.