About Young Widow - Chapter Two

Young Widow - Chapter Two is a non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to young widows and widowers.

Young Widow - Chapter Two was organized as a non-profit corporation in the State of Texas in February 2003. In September 2003, it was granted status as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our focus is on what we know young widows and widowers want and need - the ability to interact with other young widows and widowers.

Since the YoungWidow.org website was launched in the fall of 2001, our community has grown substantially. We have already touched many young widows and widowers in a personal and emotional way that does not exist elsewhere. The YWBB is a thriving online community that is the heart of our website and organization.

About the Founders

carol and lauren at the New York 2003 get togetherLauren Raynor Weiss launched the initial YoungWidow.org website and associated bulletin board on September 11, 2001 after months of conceiving its format. She was 30 years old and 6 months pregnant when her late husband died from a sudden asthma attack in December 1999. Suddenly she was no longer with her mate of twelve years, she was a widow. She found the lack of existing literature, Internet resources and support groups for people of her age frustrating since a 30-year old cannot relate to a support group for seniors. There was no formal young widow support group in her area, but there was an existing group of widows in the New York area between the ages of 28 and 45 that she was introduced to, and in that group she found striking similarities in their experiences as young widows. The strength and hope that she found in this network of other young widows was the inspiration for this website. Lauren has a daughter from her marrage to her late husband. She is remarried and has another daughter.

Carol Young helped to administer and nurture the YoungWidow.org website and bulletin board in their early days before the organization of Young Widow - Chapter Two. Her husband of fourteen years died suddenly in 1998 and Carol found herself widowed at age 42 with three daughters under the age of thirteen. She is a trained grief facilitator at the Bereavement Center of Westchester.

The decision to formally organize as a non-profit corporation and to seek tax-exempt status grew out of a get-together in New York City in January 2003 of young widows and widowers from across the country who had become friends on the website's bulletin board. Knowing how much the opportunity to connect online with other young widows and widowers meant to them, they were committed to the goal of ensuring the continued existence of the YoungWidow.org website and the YWBB into the future.

Board of Directors of Young Widow - Chapter Two

  • Dale Huntley
  • Nicole La Marca
  • Cynthia Teal Thawley
  • Lauren Raynor Weiss
  • Carol Young

Officers of Young Widow Chapter Two

  • Lauren Raynor Weiss President
  • Carol Young Vice President/Treasurer/Secretary
  • Dale Huntley Vice President
  • Ann Styles Assistant Treasurer

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