YWBB Notice - March 20, 2015

After thirteen and a half years, the time has come to shut down the YWBB.

When the youngwidow.org website together with its bulletin board, which came to be known as the YWBB, was started, it was the first of its kind - the original website exclusively dedicated to young widows and widowers.

It was created as a place for the young widowed to connect, a community where they could find understanding and validation and begin to recover, reclaim and rebuild their lives. We would like to think the YWBB succeeded in that mission - if it did, it was because of the members of the community who shared their experiences and feelings, who showed compassion and understanding, who provided support and encouragement, who reassured each other that they weren't crazy and they weren't alone, who were beacons of hope and inspiration.

The decision to shut down the YWBB was a difficult but necessary one. We are sad to see it end, but with so many types of social media available these days we are confident that others will step in and create new communities for the young widowed. The YWBB will be gone, but the friendships made there and the impact it had will be enduring - and we have faith that the same will be true for the new communities.

Today and always, we wish hope and healing to all young widows and widowers.